Hi, everyone!

Due to the fact that the editor and co-founder, Trisha, is currently going into college, BTH is going to be switching back to being a four-issue-per year magazine. We don’t want to leave you waiting and waiting for staggered issues due to Trisha’s other commitments, so to keep BTH alive it’s better to have four GREAT issues per year instead of lots of LATE issues per year!

Don’t forget to keep submitting, and thanks for being such great readers!

NOW The Latest Issue Is Out!

Phew– error fixed, and latest issue link sent out to all subscribers! Enjoy, and be sure to check back later for the opportunity to tell a fun adventure you’ve had for next issues Homeschool Opinions column!

Latest Issue Update

AHH! No! 

There was a slight error that prevents us from sending out a new email reminder with the latest issue right now. Anyone who is already a subscriber will be able to access the new issue through their last Latest Issue email link. Any new subscribers should be able to access the latest issue immediately. 

A new email will be sent out as soon as this problem is solved. So close! Don’t worry, readers, the problem will be fixed soon!


BTH Latest Issue Out Now!

BTH Latest Issue Out Now!

That’s right– IT’S OUT! FINALLY!
Find it in your email inboxes if you have subscribed, or subscribe now to receive it if you haven’t done so alreayd.
Enjoy, everyone, and expect the NEXT issue soon.

Where’s the latest issue? Where is my pen pal?

Hi, everyone! We know you have all been patiently (or not so patiently!) waiting for the latest issue of BTH to come out or waiting to recieve a pen pal if you applied for the pen pal program. Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone– Trisha (me) who edits the magazine has been very busy lately! Don’t worry, though, the latest issue WILL come out soon and you WILL get your new pen pals!
Thank you for being such great readers!

Submit content for the April/May issue!

Hi, BTH readers! The next issue of Back-to-Homeschool– February/March is coming soon, so don’t worry– you won’t have to wait long for another fun issue of BTH!

Now it’s time to start submitting content for the April/May issue! Any homeschooled reader of BTH can submit content to BTH; all you need to is email it in!

Short stories, research articles, quizzes, your artwork– whatever you can think of!

Cover photos!

Hi everyone,

We need cover photos for the coming issues of BTH! Anyone can be a Back-to-Homeschool cover model; all you need to do is take a picture of yourself or you and some friends and send it in to BTH! We prefer if the cover issue is as high-quality as you make it, so photos taken with your phone most likely won’t make the cover. However, photos we don’t use on the cover will sometimes be used as other pictures throughout the inside of the issue.

Just send it in to along with your name and age!