BTH Wants YOU!

Only you can help BTH survive its first year! You are the readers. You are also the contributors. We cannot keep BTH going without its most neccesary part: the content

Back-to-Homeschool has had over 2,000 unique visits to the site, and over one hundred subscribers! But has had zero submissions to the magazine. Although the second issue will successfully come out with cool new content, the content was only written and submitted by the founders and their friends. It will be difficult to find unique content created by different people unless the readers send it in themselves!

Don’t worry- we have no intention to stop publishing Back-to-Homeschool online! But if after a few issues we still have no submissions, we don’t know what we can do to keep providing our readers with fun and unique content by homeschooled girls throughout the world if no homeschooled girls are sending in anything! We can only do so much to publicize BTH- we’ve contacted websites, homeschool groups, and homeschool magazines. But it’s up to you to send in your awesome stories, interesting non-fiction adventures, amazing pictures and art, educational articles, cool crafts, delicious recipes, and important homeschool advice!

Therefore, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to have your work seen in BTH by homeschooled girls of all ages! Contribute to BTH– it’s fun, easy, and great for readers everywhere!

Visit the SUBMISSIONS page to learn more!


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