Issue Three Submissions

Hello, BTH readers! Issue Two is almost ready and it will be coming out this spring! So now, we’ll need submissions for Issue Three!

We are specifically looking for these articles –
What it’s like to homeschool in a country other than the USA
What sports do you play
What do you do in the summer
Articles about space, the earth, or anything science
Anything and everything else!
In addition to these types of articles, it would be great if you could write for one of our columns such as What Did You Do Today? What Did You Do For Homeschool Today? and Your Homeschool Space, or send in artwork or pictures for our Arts and Photos section.
Also, we are considering making Back-to-Homeschool issues come out more than four times a year!  This is very exciting- but it also means we’ll need a lot more submissions, so keep sending in your articles!
We couldn’t have done Issue Two without you, and we hope you enjoy it when it comes out soon!
Have a fun homeschool day!

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