BTH is going bimonthly… if we get enough submissions!


Hey BTH readers! Back-to-Homeschool magazine has been a great success we’ve had over 750 subscribers so far and all kinds of awesome comments about how much people are enjoying the magazine! Since our readers love BTH so much, we’re planning on making BTH magazine become bimonthly! That is, if we get enough submissions!

To make the BTH magazines, we need to have a lot of awesome content written by the readers as well as by us. To make BTH come out every two months, we’re going to need many more submissions by the readers so that each issue will be long enough and enjoyable enough for the readers!

Can we get enough submissions to make Back-to-Homeschool magazine come out more often? It’s up to you, the readers!

Cool submission ideas:

  • Write fun stories for homeschooled girls to enjoy
  • Review your favorite books, movies, TV shows, songs, CDs, toys, or anything you can think of that other homeschooled girls might like to know about!
  • Write an awesome recipe
  • Submit instructions for a craft project
  • Write about the latest stuff you’ve done for homeschool-work
  • Tell an interesting true story about yourself
  • Draw or paint a picture for our art section
  • Give advice that will be helpful to homeschooled girls
  • Write about what it’s like to homeschool where you live
  • Come up with your own unique content and submit it!

What are you waiting for? Visit the SUBMISSION page to read the guidelines, and send in your great work now!


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