Happy Earth Day!

As you probably know, a lot of homeschoolers care a lot about the earth, and BTH does, too! Happy Earth Day on behalf of Back-to-Homeschool Magazine!

We hope that you have a great Earth Day- do you plan to plant a tree, recycle some items you don’t need anymore, or buy something green? Maybe you’re going to make an Earth Day craft.

Happy Earth Day!


3 responses to “Happy Earth Day!

  1. Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!!
    Here’s a good idea for a good earth day:
    Go out with a friend/sibling/parent and you each have 1 bag each (be sure they’re cloth bags so they’re receyclable!) Then, mark out a walking route from your house to your community school or hall (or elsewhere). At the count of 3 (1…2…3 GO!) you go for a walk. On the way to the destination, you see WHO CAN PICK UP THE MOST TRASH / LITTER. It’s not a race to get to the destination, but a race to see how many things you can pick up! When you arrive at your chosen destination, count up how much garbage each person collected (you could even do this with more than 2 people in this “race” – the more the merrier!). Whoever picked up the most garbage wins!!! The bonus?! You’ll be cleaning up your neighborhood – not to mention the earth – while having fun!

    Happy good friday and earth day!

  2. We planted our garden. Our local hardware store had a sale on seedlings – two for one!

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