Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget to keep spreading the world about BTH!

Back-to-Homeschool Magazine isn’t getting many subscribers lately, so keep spreading the word so that more and more homeschooled girls and their families can enjoy BTH!

Ways to spread the word:

  • Word of mouth- tell your friends about BTH!
  • Fliers- put up fliers at your local homeschool centers, libraries, and more!
  • Email- email every homeschooling family or email group you know!
  • Facebook- Write about BTH or have your parents do so!
  • Twitter- Why not Tweet about Back-to-Homeschool?
  • Blog- write a blog post about BTH!
  • MySpace- Write about BTH or have your parents do so!

Thank you!


2 responses to “Don’t Forget!

  1. From the beginning I saw that your magazine is a great idea and very competently done. I am surprised you are having trouble getting subscribers. I wonder if you are also having trouble getting submissions to your content?
    I wonder if by restricting your magazine to only girls you are sabotaging your chances for success. It’s possible the “girls only” rule could be over turned to good results. What do you think?

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