BTH Issue Three for EVERYONE! [Finally!]

Every single subscriber should have received the latest issue of Back-to-Homeschool Magazine by now! If you haven’t, this either means you’ve changed your email, never subscribed in the first place, or misspelled your email address when you subscribed. Please comment here if you have not gotten BTH Issue 3!

We hope you love the latest issue and we hope you’re looking forward to the one after that!


3 responses to “BTH Issue Three for EVERYONE! [Finally!]

  1. I still haven’t received my issue yet. And I have resubscribed.

    I’m rather sure I hadn’t changed my email address, and since I had already received the first two issues, I would have thought I was subscribed.

  2. That’s strange. I’ve just re-sent the latest issue to you, hopefully it will work now. If not, comment again. Sorry that you haven’t recieved it yet!

  3. Hi! I didn’t recieve mine either; I think it might be because I deleted it along with some junk mail, would you please resend it?

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