Attention! We Need More Article Submissions!

Hi, BTH readers! Lately, we are lacking submissions, and we definitely need more, especially since we’re bimonthly now! Even if you’ve already submitted articles, it’s okay to submit more, and below are some ideas for new and old writers alike!

  • Write a fictional story
  • Write a non-fiction story
  • Write about what you’ve been doing for homeschool-work
  • Send in a how-to article
  • Send in a craft idea
  • Send in a recipe
  • Send in homeschooling information
  • Write some tips and tricks about homeschool-work
  • Write about books you’ve read
  • Write an educational article
  • Write about what homeschooling is like in your country
  • Write about your homeschooling journey
  • Interview friends who are homeschooled
  • Interview your mom or dad about homeschooling
  • Interview the director of your umbrella group
  • Interview the founder of your homeschool group
  • Submit your drawings, paintings, and photographs
  • Submit your jokes, poems, and short stories
  • Come up with your own submission ideas!

Thank you, readers! Again, please send your submissions to– remember, you are the ones who keep BTH alive!


One response to “Attention! We Need More Article Submissions!

  1. Hi BTH! I sent in an article a few days ago, but I still haven’t received a reply about whether or not it managed to get in. So I was just wondering if you had gotten it in your email.


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