February/March Articles!

We’re finishing up collecting articles for the February/March issue, so if you want to submit, now’s your chance! Starting with that issue, every issue will have a theme, so if you want a better chance of getting into the magazine write about the February/March issue theme, which is Cause and Effect. Your article has the best chance of getting in if it’s about cause and effect, but for anything like The Way You Homeschool, What Did You do Today?, What Did You do for Homeschool Today?, and Arts and Photos, it doesn’t matter if your piece is about cause and effect. We’re trying to get this issue together so that we can send it out early, so send in your submissions! But if you don’t think you can write an article in time to be included in the February/March issue, then you can write one for the April/May issue after that – the theme is Topsy Turvy, as in April Fools’ Day and the like. And we’d also like to thank everyone who has submitted anything to any of the issues so far; we wouldn’t have gotten this far without you!

One response to “February/March Articles!

  1. I was just wondering what exactly you mean by Cause and Effect?

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