February/March Issue Last Minute Article Call!

To anyone who is interested in submitting anything to BTH for the February/March, now is the time to do that! If you are a Writers’ Board member, we especially need you to send in your BTH content for the February/March issue within the next few days. Remember, our theme for this issue is Cause and Effect if you are interested in writing about that topic, although it isn’t entirely required.


7 responses to “February/March Issue Last Minute Article Call!

  1. What do you mean my Cause and Effect?

  2. What kind of article do you need?

  3. What is needed most for the April/May issue? I just joined BTH a few days ago so I don’t have enough time to write something for the Febuary/March issue. Thanks!

  4. This sounds weird but what IS Global Spotlight?

    • You write about how homeschooling is in your country. What do you like to do? What do your friends do? How are the homeschooling laws? Do you have to take tests or not?

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