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Calling all people who didn’t make it onto the Writers’ Board – you have a chance to try again! For each issue we need people to write extra articles for the Feature and Homeschooling sections. We’ve decided to expand our Writers’ Board to include extra writers, and if you applied for the Writers’ Board but didn’t make it, here’s your chance! Also, if anyone missed the deadline and wasn’t able to apply for the Board in time, you now have another chance! We’re looking for anywhere from two to four writers, and we got lots of great applications last time, so we hope that we will again. Apply by the end of February, and if you’re chosen as an extra writer you will be notified by March 15th. If you’re chosen, your name, age, country/state/territory/province, and picture will appear on the Writers’ Board page on the website, and in the April/May issue.

To apply to be an extra writer, email and include your first name, age, country/state/territory/province, and a picture of yourself so that we can put it on the website and in the magazine if you’re chosen. You’ll also need to include your application – write a sample 1-3 page article about friendship, the theme of the June/July issue. It would be great if you could include pictures in your sample article, whether they are pictures that you take yourself or clip art, but pictures aren’t necessary.

Remember, even though we’re opening up more spots, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get on. If you don’t get a spot, just remember that we had lots of people applying for the same spot, and try again next year!


2 responses to “Sign Up To Write!

  1. Could you specify what being on the writers board in this position would involve, please? Thanks! And love the mag!

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