Keep sending in those submissions!

Hi, BTH readers!

We NEED submissions to keep BTH fun and interesting, so don’t forget to send them in!

Our June/July issue is approaching, but we haven’t had many submissions so far.

Please send in anything you’ve written, drawn, painted, or made– let’s make this coming issue of Back-to-Homeschool the best ever!

The Founders


4 responses to “Keep sending in those submissions!

  1. i want to send an article on friendship in but i have a question: when is the deadline for the june/july issue? thx

    • Sorry that this is a late response, however, you still have time to send in you article if you haven’t done so already! We would love to check it out.

  2. What submissions do you need the most, other than drawings paintings etc. ? I may be able to submit something.

    • We’ll consider whatever you submit; but if you are wondering what submissions we have been lacking lately, those tend to be the articles for columns: “What Did You Do Today? “What Did You Do for Homeschool Today?” “Your Homeschool Space,” “The Way You Homeschool,” etc. Short stories are always great to have, too, or how-to articles. Really, anything will help, so whatever you like to create you can submit!

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