Article Suggestions?

Hi, BTH readers!

Do you have any suggestions for articles you would like to see but cannot create?

Something you would like to learn about, that you find interesting, that you need tips about?

Then please comment here with your suggestions– the next issue of BTH is coming very soon and we’d love to know what you’d like to see!


10 responses to “Article Suggestions?

  1. How about makeup?

  2. A “Would you rather?” would be cool! I could make one if you’d like. Also, I would like to hear some boredom busters for the summer! And maybe some activities for the summer as well (like, in the magazine, if you know what I mean). I love stories in the magazine. Maybe you could have a section with a couple of girls talking about if they homeschool through the summer or something like that. I hope I helped!

  3. Oh sorry! My name is Katie, BTW.

  4. Maybe one about writing books or stories! Or maybe one about cool hairstyles 🙂

  5. It would be nice to inform about homeschooling in the world. You may don’t know that In France, families are prosecuted because they want to homeschool their kids (

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