A Letter from Ijana

Dear Readers,

The year and a half I’ve been in charge of creating Back-to-Homeschool has been amazing. What started out as an idea in the back of my mind has blossomed into a full-length, international, online magazine with the best readership I could have hoped for. Back-to-Homeschool has raised awareness of homeschooling, created relevant material for homeschoolers to read, and connected homeschoolers from all over the planet.

In the past few months, I’ve decided to start taking my life in different directions. Unfortunately this does not include BTH, so after this issue I will be leaving. BTH will continue being published, but will be run without me. Trisha will keep on as the sole founder, and Anna will take over as head of the Writers’ Board, collecting all the articles and submissions. Anna has done an amazing job on the Writers’ Board in her time there, and will do a wonderful job as its coordinator.

Again, I’ve had such an amazing experience creating a magazine. It was the best project I ever took on, and I’m so glad I did. Trisha was the best co-founder to work with, the Writers’ Board was the best I could’ve picked, and the readers submitted so many great articles. Keep it all coming, girls.

Though I’m stepping down from CEO, I do plan to contribute every now and then, so I won’t be leaving BTH completely. If you still want to contact me, you can email bthmagazine@yahoo.com and messages will be forwarded to me.

Thank you all for being the best readers ever!




4 responses to “A Letter from Ijana

  1. Goodbye Ijana! I will miss you!

  2. I’ll miss you too! I’m so glad I did BTH!

  3. whats your e-mail?

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