Apply to the 2013 Writers’ Board!

Hello everybody!
This year of BTH magazines is winding to a close, but we’ll be opening a new one with the December/January Issue!!! Consequently, we’ll be looking for a new Writer’s Board. Our wonderful girls Tera, Vera, Chloe, and Matilda will be returning as extra writers, but we’ll need people to fill all the other positions.
This year, there will be 12 possible positions on the Writer’s Board. They are shown below, along with the post description. Your application should be an example of your writing, based on what the position requirements are.

Write an article about wildlife! This does not necessarily restrict you to writing about animals, you could also write about plants or the environment in a certain area. Megan, age 14, who was our Wildlife author for 2012, once wrote about the wildlife in India. You could just choose to write about animals, but make sure you talk about more than one animal to make it interesting.

Reporter “Interview”
You would choose a famous person from history, such as Homer, or George Washington, or Marie Curie, or someone who you think people should know more about. Then, you would write up a list of questions that you’d like to ask that person if you could. Then research and find the answers! Next, take those questions and discovered answers and write them as if you, or perhaps a fictional reporter, is interviewing them! Kendra, age 16, did this for our 2012 Writer’s Board, writing as Tammy Turnback, a fictional reporter she made up. Here is an sample, to give you an idea of what you should write:

Tammy: Hello folks! Welcome to The Past Times. I’m your host, Tammy Turnback. Today, on our show, we have the bestselling author Homer, writer of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Isn’t that right?
Homer: Oh, um yes, or at least according to tradition I am.
Tammy: Yes, two marvelously constructed poems, all about the superheroes of Greece; if only we had such talent today!
Homer: Well, I wouldn’t exactly put it that way.
Tammy: And the most amazing thing is that you did it all without the help of your eyes!
Homer: Just because tradition claims that I’m blind doesn’t make me stupid.

You could use your own name as the reporter, or make one up. Have fun with this!

Choose a philosophical subject that interests you, or maybe something that doesn’t make sense to you, and write about it! You could write about time, or pollution, or global warming, or anything that you just want to think about more, and take your thoughts and write them down.

Seasonal Section
You would think of four to six ideas that go with the current (northern hemisphere) season. They should be very easy to do and not require extensive directions. No pictures are necessary.

Info Article
Choose a topic that you think people should know more about, or a topic that is interesting to you, and write about it! It could be about history, about geography, or science, or just about anything you want!

Animal Profile
Choose an animal and find out everything you can about it. Maybe describe it’s habitat, the nature of the animal, tell all about it! Include pictures as well.

You would create a quiz for each issue based on the theme of the issue. For example, if the issue was about animals the quiz could decide your animal personality. It could take up no more than two pages. No pictures are necessary.

Around the World
For each issue you would research an assigned topic, such as food or holidays, and how it’s done around the world. For example, you could write up a short paragraph on food in the UK, China, Kenya, Austria, and whatever other countries you would want to add. The article would have to be at least two pages long, and no longer than four. You are allowed to use larger font to decrease writing space. Pictures are optional, but would be nice.

For each issue you would come up with one, two, or three recipes or snacks that are easy to make. The recipes should take up no more than two pages, and should include pictures.

You would make a 2-6 step craft for each issue. The craft could take up no more than a page, and should include pictures.

You would write an original, at least eight line poem about the magazine topic.

Short Story
You would write an original short story on the magazine topic. For example, if the topic was Friendship you would write a story about friendship.

Submissions should be sent in by December 8th. If you are chosen you will receive an email but if you are not chosen you will not be notified. Along with your application, which should be exactly what you would write if you were on the board, you should include your first name, age, country/state, and a picture of yourself.


11 responses to “Apply to the 2013 Writers’ Board!

  1. I want to be on the 2013 Writer’s Board, and I want to send in poems, but how do I know what the magazine topic is? Please answer!

    Christine F. Age:11

    • Christine,
      You don’t have to write about the magazine topic for your application. Just write a poem about whatever you want, and send it in. If you get on the Writer’s Board, we’ll email you every couple of months and tell you what the topic is. Thank you for your interest in applying for the Writer’s Board!

  2. I would love to apply, but I don’t know how!!! Please help.

  3. I’m keen to be on the writers board, and I would like to try out as a reporter. Do I just choose any famous person, do an ‘Interview’ with them, and send it to your email? Does it have to be historically famous, like the Emperor of china, or can it be a celebrity?

    • Hi,
      Just send an “interview” with an historically famous person. Be sure to do a lot of research so that the information is accurate. We would prefer you didn’t do “interviews” with celebrities, seeing as someone might be confused and think it’s an interview with the actual person. 🙂

  4. i want to apply! Hope i make it.

  5. Should my application be attached to the email? I’d really love to do the Around the World bit. Also, I just turned 16 last week. Am I too old?

    • Sorry it took me so long to respond– anyway, yes, you should attach your Writers’ board application to the email. Also, you aren’t too old at 16, so don’t worry. 🙂

  6. I wish I could apply, but I just don’t have the time right now to send in a full application and everything. Maybe I’ll just write an article every month and send it in. 🙂

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