Homeschool Opinions: What is your favorite TV show?

The Homeschool Opinions question for the December/January issue is:


Tell us what is– in your opinion– the best TV show ever! Just write a few sentences that talk about why you like it and what it is about. We suggest that you add an age level reccomendation to any TV shows you think you need to.

Then leave a comment on this post and include your name and age, and it may be featured in the next issue of BTH!

Here are some samples :

My favorite TV show is The Magic School Bus. It’s an educational cartoon series about a group of kids who travel on a magical school bus with a zany teacher named Ms. Frizzle! If I had to go to public school, I would want to go to school with them because everyone always has so much fun time traveling, shrinking to the size of bugs, exploring “haunted” houses, and so much more. My favorite character is Dorothy Ann because she loves to read, just like me. The Magic School Bus is certainly a show to watch!
Allie, age 9
My favorite TV show is Revolution because it is so action-packed. It’s a show about a time in the future when suddenly all power went out and everyone lost the ability to use any electronic devices. Years later, humans are getting on fine but an evil group called the Monroe Republic has taken over! Charlie, the main character, goes to search for her uncle after her brother is kidnapped by the Monroe Militia and her adventure begins. The show can be pretty violent, so I recommend that it’s only watched by those ages 12 and older, but the story is really great!
Posy, age 15
Please note that if we select a comment with a typo/error, we will spell-check it in BTH.

10 responses to “Homeschool Opinions: What is your favorite TV show?

  1. My favorite TV show is Psych, one of the top shows on USA Network. It follows the adventures of Shawn Spencer, who is essentially a 12-year-old boy trapped in the body of a man. Shawn’s dad, who was a cop, raised him to notice details and string things together. In the pilot episode, we learn that Shawn makes use of this knowledge and solves cases by just watching the news channel… but then the Santa Barbara Police department, thinking he is some sort of accomplice, tries to arrest him. He convinces them that he is psychic, becomes a police consultant, and starts a private detective business with his best friend, Burton Guster, or Gus. In every following episode, we watch Shawn and Gus take on a case, either given to them by the police or by an outside client(or taken on by themselves). They work under the direction of Police Chief Karen Vick and often find themselves running for help to Henry, Shawn’s dad. They usually work with Head Detective Carlton Lassiter, who they take pleasure in tormenting, and the lovely junior detective Juliet O’Hara, Shawn’s main love interest. I love Psych because it has an unique brand of humor, mystery, and suspense.
    Anna, age 12

    • Oh, and I would recommend it for maybe 10 and older. Maybe a mature eight year old, my brother is eight and he watches it with the family.

      • Correction, I think probably 11 and older, because after all it is a detective/police show and might be too intense for younger kids.

  2. Okay, I have to reply to this one because there are two TV shows I’ve watched that are just amazing.

    In FlashForward, everyone on the planet blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. They see a glimpse of themselves six months in the future. When they wake up, it’s a race against time to find out what the blackouts mean and what caused them. And they only have until the six month point, April 29th – FlashForward Day. Ages 11+

    Battlestar Galactica is about what you might call an alternate reality where humans live in a different star system lightyears away. When cylons, which are machines with artificial intelligence, attack the humans and destroy the system, the survivors pile into spaceships and begin a journey toward the mythical Earth. Ages 13+

    Both of these are just amazing shows, much more detailed than I could possibly describe. The plots are deep and the characters are amazing. Though both of them are no longer being made, episodes are still shown on TV and the complete series are available from most libraries.

    See, I told you all I’d contribute.

  3. My favorite TV show is Arthur. It’s about these animals who act like everyday kids, and the main one is a 9-almost-10 year old boy named Arthur Read. His friends are Francine, The Brain (Alan), a rich girl named Muffy, Buster (Arthur’s best friend), Sue Ellen, Binky, Fern, and Arthur’s not-well-liked sister, D.W. (Dora Winfred). I like the Arthur TV show because
    Arthur is really nice, (even though all of his friends over-react) and his friends work together to solve problems.

  4. And here’s my age:11.
    If you want to watch Arthur, go to Netflix or Youtube and type “Arthur” in the search engine

  5. And the TV show is for all ages, but there might be some things you might need to ignore and not watch.
    Christine, Age:11

  6. My favorite show is Phineas and Ferb. It is about two boys who wild imaginations, and who can’t stand to see their summer wasted away. They always invent the coolest things, and the nice thing is they do it right in their own backyard. Along with their friends Buford the bully, Baljeet the nerd and Isabella the next door neighbor, they have made a roller coaster, met an alien and traveled to the moon. Each day, Candace, their older sister tries to get the boys in trouble by telling their mom, but their inventions always disappear before her mom can get to the backyard. The boys also have a pet platypus named Perry the Platypus. Phineas and Ferb don’t know it, but Perry’s actually a secret agent! He fights an evil scientist named Doofenshmirtz. The episodes are really funny, and are for kids of all ages.The cool thing is that even my mom likes it and sometimes she watches it with us. In some episodes the strangest things happen, like when Phineas and Ferb helped Doofenshmirtz complete one of his evil inventions! I love it because they have hilarious songs, interesting personalities, and the show encourages you to seize the day and to use your imagination. It’s a TV show I’d recommend for everyone.
    Marie, age 11.

  7. Oh, and when I said “who wild imaginations” I meant “with wild imaginations”.

  8. I just LOVE the tv show “phineas and ferb” it’s about two step brothers that make these great inventions all summer long.the big sister cadence is always trying to ” bust” her brothers for making the crazy machines. Also the family pet platypus Perry is a secret agent and fights the evil doctor doofenshmirtz. The way that there life’s are intertwined amazes me.all ages and has some fun songs the younger kids would like,yet an interesting plot that’s so funny my dad laughs every time he watches it!

    Klara, age 11

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