Cover photos!

Hi everyone,

We need cover photos for the coming issues of BTH! Anyone can be a Back-to-Homeschool cover model; all you need to do is take a picture of yourself or you and some friends and send it in to BTH! We prefer if the cover issue is as high-quality as you make it, so photos taken with your phone most likely won’t make the cover. However, photos we don’t use on the cover will sometimes be used as other pictures throughout the inside of the issue.

Just send it in to along with your name and age!


5 responses to “Cover photos!

  1. I would love to read the latest issue, however, when I click on the “Latest Issue” photo, it simply returns me to the Subscribe Now page. I have subscribed numerous times. Please help.

    • Hi Renee! Sorry for your difficulties. Once you subscribe, you’ll be redirected to a new page called BTH Latest Issue. There, a link that says “Click HERE to Read Back-to-Homeschool Issue 11!” will be below the photo of the cover. Then a new window will open with a .pdf file of the latest issue. Comment again if you have any more problems!

  2. Have you guys ever considered making a homeschooled girls forum? Where homeschooled girls could chat and talk to each other?

    • Yes; actually we used to have one. However, the site was having issues due to the host site having adds with potential viruses, so we had to delete it. 😦

  3. Do you still need a cover photo? If you do, I think I can get one with my friends in it.

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