Submit content for the April/May issue!

Hi, BTH readers! The next issue of Back-to-Homeschool– February/March is coming soon, so don’t worry– you won’t have to wait long for another fun issue of BTH!

Now it’s time to start submitting content for the April/May issue! Any homeschooled reader of BTH can submit content to BTH; all you need to is email it in!

Short stories, research articles, quizzes, your artwork– whatever you can think of!


2 responses to “Submit content for the April/May issue!

  1. Dear BTH,

    I must not know what I am doing or your links are not set correctly: I have subscribed to you magazine, yet anytime I try to access it I am asked to subscribe. I have not been able to read any of your issues.

    Can you please help me determined what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you!


    • Hmm, mysterious… You may have a browser that needs updating or you need to update or Adobe reader program. Try updating your Adobe reader program and that should work; if not please comment again and I’ll be glad to help.

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