About BTH

It’s Fun.

It’s Free.

It’s an E-zine.

It’s… Back-To-Homeschool

Back-To-Homeschool Magazine (BTH for short) is an awesome magazine for girls who are homeschooled- and it’s FREE! Read about all kinds of topics in this fun and entertaining free magazine full of great info, cool stories and fun topics! Learn what other homeschooled girls are up to and see what they’ve done, whether it’s a fun day at the park with friends or an awesome homeschool project! Read stories written by girls just like you, and learn cool facts you might never have learned before! Want to be a part of the action? Homeschooled girls can submit their own stories and articles for free on the SUBMISSION page, and we’ll consider their publication in Back-To-Homeschool Magazine. This magazine is unique because unlike other leading magazines for girls, Back-To-Homeschool magazine talks only about things that go on in the lives of homeschooled girls, whereas other magazines talk about public and private school problems, homework, and fashions. BTH is the perfect magazine just for us homeschoolers! Are you considering being homeschooled? Check out BTH Magazine to find out what it’s like! Back-to-Homeschool is an international magazine- we have subscribers from around the world, everywhere from America to the Philipines! Whether you’re six or sixteen,  Back-to-Homeschool is the magazine for you! Visit the Subscribe page to read the latest issue now!

Note: Since the issues are created in the United States, sometimes references to seasons may not be relevent in countries such as Australia, where the seasons are different from how they are in the US.



25 responses to “About BTH

  1. I don’t understand this…I want to know how to get the magazine.

  2. your link says it has been removed from wiki

  3. “whereas other magazines talk about pubic and private…”
    You may want to change that to PUBLIC…. 🙂

  4. I’m glad that you’re starting up one of these magazines. It’s a wonderful idea. I subscribe to one written for teenage homeschool girls, produced by some girls I know. It’s issued monthly and any subscriber has an opportunity to put something in as it is ‘themed’ each month. It will be good to see something similar happening in America, however I would like to point out that it won’t be the ‘one and only’. Good luck!

  5. Hey, I think you change the background of this website. The grass at the bottom is making it hard to read the texts.

    • On my computer, the grass at the bottom doesn’t cause any reading issues, but if you are having problems reading the text on your computer, I could lighten the grass to make it easier.

  6. Hi bth im about to subscribe and im so glad i discoverd you! I read all the back ishues and i realy liked them. Thanks for making back to homescool.

  7. I haven’t been getting many updates, when will the next issue be out?

  8. A random question.. have you considered making a badge (with HTML or another code) for the magazine/website? I would put it on my blog! 🙂

  9. How about this? Create an image with whatever picture you want as the background and make sure the text is big enough to read (Probably something like Back-To-Homeschool (or just BTH): A magazine for homeschooled girls or something like that). You might need Photoshop. Then email it to me and I can help out with the next bit.

  10. I am realy happy to be getting this. I dont know a lot of home school girls so this will be fun:) thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. The magazine is great to read!

  12. Wow it’s really great that your making this magazine and all but consider this: I love to read and am running out of ideas on books. So can you make a “reading review” page?

    • Hi Klara! Sorry it took so long for me to reply, I didn’t see your comment. Anyway, anyone can submit book reviews to BTH at any time- usually there is at least one per issue, but it varies. However, this issue (the August-November Super Issue) has three pages of book suggestions in our new Homeschool Opinions section! If you are subscribed to BTH, you should check it out (and if not, you can subscribe for free and THEN check it out). Hope this helps!

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