Back Issues

Read back issues for free on this page! Past issues will always be avaliable to read online here.

December/January 2012-2013

Back-to-Homeschool Issue 11

August-November Super Issue 2012

Back-to-Homeschool Issue 10

June/July 2012

Back-to-Homeschool Issue 9

April/May 2012

Back-to-Homeschool Issue 8

February/March 2012

Back to Homeschool Issue 7

December /January 2011-2012

Back-to-Homeschool Issue 6

October/November 2011

Back-to-Homeschool Issue 5

August/September 2011

Back-to-Homeschool Issue 4

Summer 2011

Back to Homeschool Three

Spring 2011

Back-to-Homeschool Issue 2

Winter 2011

BTH Issue One[1]


22 responses to “Back Issues

  1. When will the 2nd magazine be out? I cant wait!!! (:

  2. Hello,
    My name is Kaitlyn Marie Timmins Smith I am 10 years of age and still being Homeshcooled. I love reading !!!!!!

    Seeya, Kaitlyn M.T.Smith.

  3. Congrats on your COOL magazine! We will definitely tell EVERYONE we know.

  4. My name is Meagan and I’m ten years old. I’m homeschooled.
    Lets go homeschoolers!

  5. when will the magazine be published?

    • The first two issues are out already, and the third issue will come out next month. After that, we plan on making BTH bimonthly- if we get enough submissions!

  6. OMG:o!!!! Hi im ten years old and my name is Emily!

  7. Hello, I love your magazine, it’s really good! I’m 11 years old, I love the part where you talk about if your bored with homeschooling and what to do. It really helped me. 😀

  8. Hi, my name is Anna, and I’m 13. I think BTH is so cool!

  9. Im kaity and im almost 12. I like both of these ishues but the one thats pink is my favrite. I cant wait until i subscribe so i can read the new ishue!

  10. I am not homeschooled, but I subscribed anyway, is that okay? Congrats on making a magazine!

  11. @shannyking21

    You are all so smart to be reading this mag. It’s fantastic. Even aside from the magazine, it’s awesome 🙂

  12. I continue to be impressed by the great work that is being done to publish these magazines. Keep it up! You are making a difference. (I’m a grandmother of homeschooled children.)

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