Q. How old do you have to be to read Back-to-Homeschool?

A. Our readers are generally ages 6 to 16, but if you are younger or older you are free to enjoy BTH as well!

Q. How do I read Back-to-Homeschool?

A. You can subscribe on our SUBSCRIBE page, or you can view our past issues on our BACK ISSUES page.

Q. How much does BTH cost?

A. Nothing- Back-to-Homeschool is a FREE magazine for  homeschooled girls around the world!

Q. How do I submit content to BTH?


Q. I have a question that isn’t on this FAQ page. What do I do?

A. Email bthquestionscomments@yahoo.com and we’ll answer your question as quickly as possible!


Q. I subscribed but I can’t view the magazine! What’s the problem?

A. Back-to-Homeschool is sent out as a pdf file. If your Adobe Reader is outdated, it may be difficult to view. You can easily update Adobe Reader, and a window will probably appear on your computer with update information.

Q. I have a recent version of Adobe Reader, but when I click on the link to view BTH, it’s all white and a message appears that says I’ve encountered a problem. What do I do?!

A. Don’t worry; this sometimes happens on certain computers. All you need to do is right-button click on the link to view BTH and click “Save Target As…” and you can save the BTH issue to your computer. Open it again and everything should be fine!

Q. I’ve been waiting forever for my BTH Pen Pal and I STILL don’t have one! What’s the problem?

A. This isn’t a technical issue, it just takes a while for us to find you a BTH Pen Pal. Depending on your Pen Pal preferences, this could take a while. Just be patient and you’ll have a pen pal soon!

Q. I’ve subscribed, but I never get any emails from BTH! What’s the problem?

A. Your account may think that our emails are spam! Check your spam folder. If you still cannot find our messages, you might want to subscribe again, as there is a chance that you spelled your email adress wrong. Another possibility is that MadMimi, the site that we use for our subscriptions, thinks that your email is a spam account. Make sure that your email account is virus-free, or else MadMimi might block you.


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  1. I want to find that new game you made but I can’t find it! Please help me!

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