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Homeschool Opinions: What is your favorite movie?

The Homeschool Opinions question for the February/March issue is:


Tell us what is– in your opinion– the best movie  ever! Just write a few sentences that talk about why you like it and what it is about. We suggest that you add an age level recommendation to any movie that you think you need to.

Then leave a comment on this post and include your name and age, and it may be featured in the next issue of BTH!

Here are some samples :

My favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp. It’s a cute story about a little dog named Lady who lives with her owners “Jim Dear” and “Darling.” One day, after her owners have a new baby, Lady must stay at home with her “aunt” and her two mean Siamese cats. When Lady gets blamed for the mess that the cats make, she must wear a muzzle! Lady runs away, and embarks on an adventure with Tramp, a feisty dog who doesn’t have an owner, and the two begin to fall in love. It’s a great story for all ages, especially if you love dogs!

Allie, age 9

My favorite movie is Star Wars Episode IV! It’s about a boy named Luke who lives on the planet Tatooine in a galaxy far, far away. When he meets a mysterious old man named Ben Kenobi, he discovers that his father Anakin was a Jedi knight who protected the galaxy from the evil Sith. So begins Luke’s adventure to become a Jedi, an action packed story full of great characters including the evil Darth Vader, the cocky Han Solo, and my favorite heroine, Princess Leia! I would recommend Episode IV for ages 9+, but some of the other episodes, like Episode III, I would recommend for older viewers.

Posy, age 15

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Latest Issue Out Now!

december-january-web REALFinally! The wait is over!

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Remember to submit content to our “Mystery” issue!

Hi BTH readers! Have you submitted content to Back-to-Homeschool’s December/January Mystery Issue yet? If not, now is the time to do so! Write an article, draw or paint a picture, write a poem, interview your friends and family, or whatever you can think of and submit it to BTH! This issue is themed “mystery” so if you want to submit mystery-related content (mystery story, reviews of mystery books, etc) you can. If not, that’s okay, too!

Can’t think of what to submit? Just write for one of our columns, like the Continuing Story column or The Way You Homeschool section. Remember, you don’t have to be on the Writers’ Board to submit content- Back-to-Homeschool accepts submissions from all homeschooled girls around the world!

Happy holidays!

— Trisha and Anna

Don’t forget about the Writers’ Board

Hey BTH Readers (and Writers!)
We are in desperate need of Writers’ Board submissions! Anyone and everyone can apply, so don’t hesitate! Go to https://bthmagazine.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/apply-to-the-2013-writers-board/ to find out what to submit, and then send your article to bthsubmissions@yahoo.com along with a picture of yourself, your first name, and your age.
Don’t want to apply, or don’t have the time this year? Don’t worry! Just submit your regular articles– the theme for this coming issue is “Mystery!”
Thank you so much!
Anna and Trisha