BTH Pen Pals

BTH readers can get a homeschooled pen pal for free through this page! Simply copy the below forms and paste them into an email to then fill it out! We’ll find another pen pal just for you according to your answers! Don’t worry, your contact information  is ONLY given out to the pen pal we choose for you. Please note that we don’t investigate the emails of the people who submit pen pal information and BTH is not responsible for any issues with the emailing accounts of any pen pals. Taking awhile? Don’t worry- our BTH Pen Pals program is still pretty new, which is why sometimes you may have to wait a bit  until your pen pal is discovered.  Never fear, however whether you wait a few hours or several weeks, you will get a pen pal!

Answer the below questions with YES or NO answers, or leave blank if you do not care either way.

  • Do you want your pen pal to be around the same age as you?_______
  • Do you want your pen pal to live in another country? _______
  • Do you want your pen pal to have the same interests as you?_________
  • Do you want your pen pal to contact you through email?_________
  • Do you want your pen pal to contact you through the mail?________

Answer the below questions and include them copied into your email to as well

  • Age:
  • Name:
  • Country:
  • Interests:
  • Email:
  • Address:

Note: It may take awhile for us to find you a pen pal. It takes us much quicker if you choose that you do not care whether your pen pal lives in your country or not, so if you want a pen pal fast, this might be the best choice for you. However, you can certainly request a pen pal who either lives in a different country or lives in your same country, it just may take a little longer.


38 responses to “BTH Pen Pals

  1. how long does it usually takeee?

  2. Yeah, how long? 😀 I cant wait to meet my penpal 😀
    im excited!! hopefully it takes soon!

  3. Laura Ashley Childress

    Does anyone know how long it takes?! i can NOT wait! I love this site.

    • The time it takes varies depending on your pen pal requirements. Sometimes it will only take a few days, other times a few weeks! Since the pen pal program hasn’t been going on for a really long time, it takes longer sometimes, but we are getting more and more pen pal requests lately!

  4. He he! I can’t wait to know who my penpal is!

  5. do u have to pay to join

  6. I would like a penpal! Is it fun?

  7. How long does it take? I can’t wait to get my pen pal.

  8. How loooooong i’ve been watiing like a few months now. grrr i am not good with patince:o

  9. is the penpaling safe to do? I want to make sure before I ask my mom to do it.

    • So far there have been no issues with the Pen Pals program, everyone seems to love their pen pals and the worst thing that has happened is an email not working.

  10. How many pen pals maximum are we allowed?

  11. Are the pen pals worldwide?

  12. Are my expectations too high if i wanted a penpal in South Korea?

  13. Cool I’m sending in the forms for a pen pal now!! 😀

  14. Do you have to be a homeschooler?

    • Yes, you do have to be homeschooled. However, if you are not, I believe that Girl’s Life Magazine has started something similar that is mainly for girls who aren’t homeschooled.

  15. Lately, we have been having quite a few more worldwide pen pal requests from homeschooled girls of all ages, so it should take a little quicker to get your pen pals now!

  16. I signed up for a penpal and still haven’t had a reply. I have read these and just wanted to make sure you had got my anwsers. I too have no patience! I know this is quite new so i just wanted to make sure i had done it right.

  17. Can we have more than one PenPal?

  18. My mom signed my up to get a pen pal from my old E-mail address on her computer, but I now have a different one on my own computer. So will it be okay if I just E-mail you from my new address and give you my old one so that you can just ignore it?

  19. i can’t wait until i will meet my pin pal

  20. how long does it take to get a penpal with only email? I am not patience. not at all!!!!

  21. i have been waiting a week and still haven’t gotten a pen pal! HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?! i know i shouldn’t be upset, i am sorry, i just have been waiting so long! have you even got the email i sent you for a pen pal?

    • So sorry you have been waiting so long; we are a little backed up on pen pal work at the moment. You may have to wait a bit longer. 😦
      We’re really sorry but don’t worry, you WILL get a pen pal!

  22. It says your account has been disconnected… Why?

  23. it says the email account has been disconected, whats wrong? is there a different email?

  24. I’m trying to send the email, but it keeps bouncing. What’s up?

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