Poll Page

We want to make sure that BTH is the perfect magazine for you, so you can take these cool polls so that we can find out what kind of things you’d like to read about!

Have something else you’d like to add? Comment on this page!


29 responses to “Poll Page

  1. please put me on the subscription mailing list.

  2. you’ve misspelled a word. “Recipes” should have no “i” near the end.

  3. It might just be that my monitor is too small, but the adds are covering some of the very top poll, and I can’t get to the vote button. 😦

  4. I haven’t read a BTH issue yet. (I just signed up.) I love the polls! I was wondering how often are the polls are updated or changed.

  5. I really like BTH magazine. Thanks

  6. i ❤ your polls!! so we can create our own polls?

    • We created our polls through WordPress’s PollDaddy. You could create your own polls if you got a WordPress site. If you mean creating a poll for BTH, send us a suggestion and we’ll se what we can do!

  7. Maybe members could send in quizzes about personalities,hobbies, etc. I love making quizzes about all sorts of things! Maybe we could also send in horoscopes? Thanks!!!

  8. you should have more articles about music!

  9. I am sending in some art work soon.

  10. I am a photographer and so is my mom so i`ll be sending in photography.

  11. more polls!
    do you work on the website once a week or once a day?

    • It depends. If we have a lot going on with BTH, I’ll do more with the website, but if not I’ll just get on to answer comments.
      I’ll see about adding more polls!

  12. I love it. all the other Mag i have been getting never comment on comments. you are great bthgirls.

  13. Hey! You should have like a cutest pet contest or something! I know a lot of girls who would send in things!XDNESS 🙂

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