Writers’ Board

The head of the Writers’ Board is Anna, now meet the rest of the team!
Writers' Board 2013


27 responses to “Writers’ Board

  1. Loved the latest issue!! Great job

  2. Cool I want to do it!!

  3. When do you need the craft done by?
    Meagan (on the writers board)

    • For the December/January issue, the craft should be done as soon as possible, if you haven’t already done it.
      For the February/March issue, the craft should be done by January.
      Thank you!

  4. Can i change my pic plz?

  5. Do i need to submit anything for this coming issue?
    What should it be on? When do you need it done by?

  6. like my pic on the writers board?

  7. yes, i love your pic!

  8. A press release announcing your new writer’s board girls and other magazine news would go really perfectly at http://www.HomeschoolNewsNetwork.com! =O) You may submit your own articles, events and classifieds for free.

  9. I applied to be an Extra Writer, I hope I get on! I’ve already contributed a few things to the magazine as an outsider. I just subscribed yesterday, I love the newest issue!

  10. Thank you guys sooooo much. My Article looked great keep up the good work.

    P.S When should my next animal profile be done?=)

    • You’re welcome, thank you for writing for BTH!
      Get the next animal profile as done as soon as possible, however, I don’t know the exact date it is due by. You can email Ijana to ask for the exact date.

  11. I want to be on the writer’s board for 2013, and I want to send a poem, but how do I know what the magazine topic is? Please tell me!

    Christine F. Age:11

  12. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease help me with this!

  13. Thanks!

  14. Thanks for putting me on the writers’ board for 2013! I am excited to write for the recipe colume.

  15. Hello. My daughter is homeschooled. She is in 11th grade. How and where do I get the application for her to apply to be on the writers board?

  16. Hey guys! I hoped you guys like my recipes! Just let me know if you have any suggestions!! I am all ears! 0

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